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 “And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow. 
G. K. Chesterton”  ― Leslie Parrott, The First Drop of Rain
With the advent of the first rains and the monsoon to make its onset next week (please don’t blame me if otherwise, this is the information relayed by our govt weatherman) our “ Nela Talli Telangana” ( i.e. mother earth ) is much cooler and the parched farmers happier! I can hear the cuckoos chirping in expected anticipation of the goodness that is to come and so is our economy ,with the new GST rollout to happen in July. 
It’s a bit confusing with regards to the long list of goods and services which is being added in the framework, but once its set , we will have an efficient and corrupt free clean form of indirect taxation and this would also ease the way we do  business in the country and  tax evasion will also become difficult when compared with old system. And also benefits start-ups as well -Read  http://startup2day.in/story-fullview/-simplified-single-indirect-tax-gst-regime-from-1st-july-2017-
There has been another major change in the definition of what a start-up is –“that any business not older than 7  years will now qualify for benefits under the Start-up India Action Plan” . (Previously entities up to 5 years from the date of incorporation were eligible for concessions) so that’s  good news especially when the gestation period of a start –up takes some time and this increase in time frame is an added boon for us. Read  http://startup2day.in/story-fullview/start-up-definition-altered-from-5-years-to-7-years-for-tax-benefits
The start-up scenario has picked up not only in India but countries across the world like France ,Canada , Ireland, Estonia , Japan etc. who are opening their doors to Indian start-ups with simplified visa programs and also offering permanent residency for wannabe start-ups. With India in the third rank in the world’s start up destination list and as an emerging market in the fields of IT, AI,IoT,Big Data, Cyber Security , Block chain technologies etc., it has become the hotbed for new start-ups who are doing extremely well not only here but abroad as well.
Startup2day has completed 10 months in its digital format and I am happy to share that our viewership has significantly increased organically...We hope to take this up further and keep you posted about the good things that are expected to happen in future. Till then take care and hold your head up high with pride...
Yours Truly
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