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Vivek Nama

Vivek Nama

Hello Everyone! 

At the onset, a very Happy Dusshera to all of you ! And may your wishes be fulfilled...The season of festivities has begun for all of you and us at Startup2day and RVM Constructions Pvt.Ltd.
Prayers, festivities fun, food and frolic and not to mention Pooja for our machinery – a ritual replete with gratitude and respect for these big machines which are serving our purpose. The thought behind this practice is simply amazing whether it’s a writers’ pen , a carpenters’ chisel, painters brush or the latest laptop, we offer our thanks to them and give them rest for a day. I take this opportunity to thank all my staff and colleagues at Nipunya Labs and RVM Constructions for their all support given to us.
At my front I was caught up with a lot of work at our Mangalore site and managed to sneak in a day to spend time with nature in a cottage near Udipi. For once, no mobile, net or newspaper, just alone with nature ... feeding the fish and swimming with them. It was amazing & refreshing and just to sit in the serenity of my surroundings of trees , water and the sounds of nature, WOW! Has just brought out so many poetic thoughts in me! Enough to rejuvenate and get me back to working harder than before. Apparently Mangalore is going to be the hub of a lot of start-up activity- Read http://startup2day.in/story-fullview/mangalore-to-have-the-first-start-up-district-in-the-country  ,thanks to Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman’s initiatives, as it is her constituency.
The Union Government has initiated an exercise to rank the states as per their performance with regards to start-up  initiatives - Read  http://startup2day.in/story-fullview/stateut-start-up-ranking-exercise-initiated-by-dipp Apart from Karnataka I feel Delhi and the NCR region could be a tough competitor with many start-ups mushrooming in the area. So let’s see who the winner is. We will keep you posted about the details once the ranking is out.
That’s it from my end and once again wishing you all a very Happy Dusshera !
 Yours Truly

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