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Vivek Nama

Vivek Nama

Stay start-up Motivated! 
Just got back from a whirlwind trip from Hospet and Hubli sites and made a quick detour to Coorg ,to beat the heat. It was awesome and the river rafting in the cool waters was so invigorating  and not to forget the coffee plantation rides and I am now back in our Hot ...Hot ... Hyderabad!
As we go through our site I see that Japan is emerging as another start-up destination and is opening its doors to foreign entrepreneurs as well. Read http://startup2day.in/story-fullview/fukuoka-city-the-new-start-up-hub-in-japan and a Japanese company, Unifa has won the 1st edition of the Startup World Cup 2017 held in San Francisco Read - http://startup2day.in/story-fullview/japanese-startup-unifa-wins-the-1st-edition-of-startup-world-cup-2017 for further details.
Japan, Brazil,Estonia, Africa, Singapore and countries from varied regions are opening doors to prospective entrepreneurs not just locally but to the outside world and that’s definitely a thing for the start-up world to cheer about. If you remember we had written about an Indian entrepreneur who settled in Jamaica and started a company there called Amber Connect-http://startup2day.in/story-fullview/amber-connect--a-jamaican-start-up-with-an-indian-connect.
So much for the G’local start-up development. I saw this joke on Linkedin and here it goes...
Kid: Dad, I would like to start a start-up with my friends. I need 6,000,000 from you. We have a very good idea.
The wise father: 22 years ago I asked my dad the same thing. He encouraged me and after that what we have left is a 2BHK flat now. Otherwise we used to have a big bungalow. So I don’t want to make the same mistake again.
As I read this joke and wondered isn’t this the situation for many of the start-ups who dream about making it in life and slowly fade into oblivion?
Whether it’s bootstrapping or investment through VCs, the journey of an entrepreneur is a long one which is filled with ups and downs. Whether it’s starting your venture, getting the business right, your success quotient, getting money for the project or  handling finances its tough. And a very important aspect here is  Human Resources- getting the right people who are in sync with your IDEA and also retaining and motivating them to stick on with you- it’s a 360ؑ cycle.
Keep yourself and your passion motivated through means best known to you, like I have a passion for travel which I manage to do when I am on work at different places.
Each to his own and hope for the best.Cheers!
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