Smart Cities San Diego Hackathon

June 22nd - 23rd, 2017

CyberTECH 1855 First Avenue Suite 103 San Diego, CA 92101, San Diego

Are you ready to get your fingers on the pulse of a city and unleash your innovation with ubiquitous real-time data?
Earlier this year, the City of San Diego announced the world’s largest Internet of Things platform deployment to help the City improve community safety, reduce parking gridlock, recognize pedestrian patterns, and provide greater situational awareness, all while helping the City, businesses, and citizens enhance everyday life through insights and solutions built with real-time sensor data.
Using Current, powered by GE’s CityIQ™, 3,200 intelligent nodes are being placed on streetlights throughout the City. As a participant in the Smart Cities San Diego Hackathon, you will not only compete for $3,500 in total prize money, you will also be one of the first developers to leverage and build Industrial Internet of Things applications powered by the Predix platform. Participants also get free access to CityIQ’s real-world datasets, Intelligent Cities APIs, engineering support, and developer resources during the hackathon.
Join Cleantech San Diego, CyberTECH, City of San Diego, General Electric, AT&T, and Intel during San Diego Startup Week to explore how an application using real-time data from the thousands of CityIQ nodes throughout the City of San Diego will help solve problems with traffic, parking, public safety, urban planning, and environmental challenges.

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