Startup Look plans "Startups Summit 2017" in 5 Different Indian Cities

August 7th 2017

JW Marriott, Bangalore

Startup Look is a platform or a startup forum, where it connects all the start-ups and  startups founders who come together, to help each other, by using each other’s product and services and help each other to grow in the industry. 

Startup Look also tries to create an absolute affiliation among all the Startup’s founders who are in need of funding with Investors. Startup Look also look upon the strategies that will take a boost up actions for startups in order to grow and for better synergy. Startup Look wants to create an opportunity for all the startup founders to Connect-Progress-Succeed.
Growing together is the soul motive of Startup Look. As It Says “Let’s grow together”. One of the main objective of Startup Look is to connect International startups founders from European Countries, UK, USA, Singapore, Dubai to Indian startup founders for better synergies. 
They will have “International Startup Summit” in February 2018.
Before they get international startup founders to India, they are conducting Startup Summit in India, to know and understand the requirements and expectation of Indian startups founders.
Startup Look‘s first “Startups Summit 2017” is starting from 7th of August 2017. They have 5 events coming up in August in 5 different cities. They are:
1) Bangalore – is on 7th August 2017 (03/08/2017)
2) Mumbai –  is on 10th August 2017 (07/08/2017)
3) Delhi – is on 28th August 2017 (10/08/2017)
4) Hyderabad –  is on 17th August 2017 (17/08/2017)
5) Kolkata – is on 22nd August 2017 (22/08/2017)
There will be Startup Submit in August(City Wise), November(Whole of India) and in February 2018 (International Startup Summit)
How are they different?
Every Startup Founder Pitch idea/ about their startup on stage
Top 5 Startup to have personal meeting for 5 minutes each with the investors.
Progressive Thinking Session
Connect Startup Founders to help each other for operations success
Interaction with other fellow founders for better synergies
One to all Networking









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