THE TALK Big Ideas

May 27th 2017

The Westin, Hyderabad, Hyderabad

Big Ideas to Ideate, Innovate & Disrupt

The talk Big Ideas Hyderabad edition will focus on Idea, Innovation & Disruption as strategy to Scale Up.

The talk Big Ideas engages with SMEs and StartUps on a regular basis to find the challenges of entrepreneurs and it is committed and focused in creating platforms to connect, engage and get new insights to scale their business.
The talk will feature some of the successful entrepreneurs and experts  to share their BIG IDEAS to scale Up.
The talk will host a networking evening at the same venue to connect Entrepreneurs & Investors
50 million SMEs in the country accounts for 17% of the GDP and it employs nearly 40% of the workforce.
Need to align people, brand,strategy, finance and technology is stronger than ever.
SMEs in India face multiple struggles on account of accessing and using the latest technological advancements.
Absence of an ecosystem that enable technology transfer and interaction with experts is a critical reason of limited adoption.
Equally ,the emerging startup ecosystem in India is getting its momentum with the lot of support and encouragement from the government and overall ecosystem in the country for entrepreneurship.
In India the startup platform is in its growing phase with over 6000 startups , 500+ investors and employment for over lakhs of people.
The startups too face problems in the areas of people, brand, strategy and execution which comes as hurdles in scaling up their businesses

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