BookMyChotu - a handy app in the times of demonetisation

BookMyChotu - a handy app in the times of demonetisation

Posted by P. Charitha on November 24th 2016

he demonetisation effect has put everyone into hardships especially with regards to the serpentine queues that one has to endure at some point of time or the other outside banks and ATMs. To solve that issue a Delhi based start-up has now come up with a service through their  app -'Book My Chotu' that can reduce the inconvenience to a great extent for people. Started by Satjeet Singh Bedi (Founder and CEO ) ,Govin Kandhari (Core Team and Strategy) to provide convenience to customers with soft services such as basic cleaning , help in shifting , pre or post house party help , help in religious get together , market help , grocery shopping from nearby stores ,etc. have extended their services in a new form.

How does the app work? 
With the daily withdrawal limit being reduced to Rs 2,000, the frequency of standing in long queues has increased for the common man.
It provides the customer the services by which one can hire a person who would stand in bank or ATM queues on one's behalf until your turn comes to help you ease the situation for a fee. 
The hired person would charge Rs 90 per hour for standing in the queue. The helper will not enter the bank or ATM, but will keep updating the concerned person about the queue status, so that he or she can take the place on time.
All the hired persons are above 18 years of age and will not go inside the bank, but they will just stand in the queue for customers and help you by saving your valuable time.
The facility is currently available only in Delhi NCR. 
An interesting & convenient service which can greatly help senior citizens, women and anyone suffering with illness or who have an emergency situation. And no need to strip in the line out of frustration either... !


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