Hyderabad eco system is nothing

Hyderabad eco system is nothing

Posted by Vivek Nama on December 8th 2016

What does hyderabad startup ecosystem have startup ecosystem is something which provides a startup some kind of support morally physically,legally are some times mentally and shows them a best way to promote to market are to present the product well this comes with experience and someone who is already in the same kind of market or related to the same market from somewhere are the other can do this well, An manufacturing industry startup well not really need someone from Information technology to teach them what is what business structure,Milestones and off course the market itself always differs between startups every startup guy has an unique taste and thoughts some succeed some totally fail maybe the same guy who failed can be the baap..! of every startup so we cant really expect are guess any unicorn but there is some mafia getting ready in the eco system which they call so  some group of founder and ceo’s and zeros think they are only the eco system we have No! eco system is something like situational and un conditional you have doubt regarding your audit and you can clear it by meeting one of the best auditors in the city and if he helps you in getting on to the right path he is an eco system guy and this cant be done by that group of people who say we the eco system and who set in panels and give lectures that same guys we see in every startup event we go and ya you are a startup and has some issues and you are not satisfied with your promotional activities you may meet one of the successful entrepreneur in the same sector and if he helps you with an idea then he is the eco system guy and you have a legal issue too then meet the best guy for it not the same lectures from unsuccessful and timepass guys around  Some guys earn on startups and some use that startups in promoting there own things some people do it with sports and some say it leadership programs is setting in co working spaces,Starbucks  etc etc for hours bring you money are fame is that startup bear parties helpful and they call it with some name.. Startup is a startup with young vision are a raw fruit with an unique thought sacrificing are risking his minimum guarantee carrier is not a joke it should not be limited with that talks its about building something its about making something possible its about solving some problem if you are helping someone in any way in this situation and you are an eco system an ay eco system is not limited to some place are some people eco system is a system and it is that light you need in this race in dark reaching the finishing line is not the goal you have actually you are on a runway,Take suggestions and select the best sometimes copy the ideas which you find are the best learn much more from the lost,Be a Leader from experience leadership is not thought it comes be a winner which is not necessary always you have so many diversions,u-turns,sub-roads,speed breakers,guys asking for lifts,break downs,punchers,gas stations,dhabas but the only thing that matter is the selection you make everyone can drive who drives fast matters the most… 

1=Select the right mentor not the known eco-system guy

2=Select the mentor not the talkative guy

3=Take suggestion from multiple mentors 2nd opinion is always needed

4=Only take suggestion when you need it

5=Dont spend for Network 



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