Leadership lessons from Virat 'King' Kohli

Leadership lessons from Virat 'King' Kohli

Posted by P. Charitha on January 25th 2017

We have seen the prolific batsman M S Dhoni recently stepping down from captaincy in the ODIs and T20 formats & making way for the new hotshot - Virat Kohli. And man! Has he shown his captaincy skills or what? The recently concluded 3-Day ODI with England, which India won 2-1, stands testimony to this and has made Kohli unarguably the most eligible Gen Y Indian captain. Let’s try and decode  a few  lessons that one can learn in leadership skills from him, which  can be applied to the new Gen Y entrepreneurs to make their  start-up journey a successful one. 

Learning from failure: Yes, we start with the failure first! Kohli failed to perform initially in his career and neither was he consistent. But he was retained because of the former captain’s trust and recognition in his abilities which gave him the confidence to prove his mettle. Apart from learning from failure, the ability to recognise and trust your team members is another important lesson. What he learnt from his senior is what he shows his team now.

Attitude: Whether he was a captain or not he enjoyed every success and also showed the same on the field. His aggressive approach while playing could be misconstrued to be arrogance but there is a thin line between aggression and a go-getter attitude.
Multi-tasking: Kohli is the only player in the world to have a 50+ average in all the formats of cricket. And now with added responsibility of captaincy he has many roles  to perform apart from just playing, which includes leading, motivating, strategising, key decision making, dealing with leadership above ( read BCCI and other boards), giving space to other players to show their strength and perform well when it comes to his game as well.  
Respecting seniors: We know that Sachin Tendulkar is Kohli’s role model and it was because of him that he came into cricket. Apart from that he has also seen MS Dhoni in close quarters and learnt a lot about handling the Indian captaincy.
A fashion trendsetter:  You have seen his latest beard, his ever increasing tattoos and his fashion sense.  It’s important to stand out in the crowd, at the same time these quirky fashion trends never lets you get a feeling that he may not be a performer. So don’t let that fool you because when he is on the field he delivers his sixes and results like never before.
Fitness freak: Kohli is one of the fittest player in the team and that is a very important point we need to note. He is looked upon by everyone in the country as an icon with his fitness levels and has set a bench mark to all his team mates and the youth also. A fit and well groomed leader makes for a powerful impression.
Personality: He speaks well which is evident during the after-match sessions with commentators. He speaks with ease, his language skills are excellent and always exude positivity. Whether it is about his teammate’s performance- praising K M Jadhav’s score of 120 in 76 balls in the 1st ODI at Pune or the rival teams performance there is always something pleasant that he has to say. 

Promotes Social Causes: Kohli uses the Social media quite effectively to stay connected with everyone ,an important point nowadays in the age of digital media. Whether it’s about the Delhi pollution problem or the Bangalore New Year Molestation episode he voices his opinion. He was also quick to respond on Twitter in defence of his friend, actress Anushka Sharma when she was trolled and blamed for his poor performance on field. It also shows how much respect he has for the fair gender.
That’s King Kohli for you!


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