Presenting Antimon - the Transformer 'Carobot'

Presenting Antimon - the Transformer 'Carobot'

Posted by P. Charitha on November 24th 2016

Move aside Optimus Prime & Sentinel, presenting Antimon- a real Transformer! Not too sure if the Transformers creators Hasbro and Tom could predict if their toys could be really made, am sure they would be as surprised as we are to see their toy come alive... And all this was made possible by LETVISION , a Turkish start-up & R & D Company, whihc has been supported and awarded by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and KOSGEB which is an organisation which supports Small and Medium Business Development in Turkey as a registered R & D company.  whose 12 engineers and 4 technicians, spent 11 months creating this Robot. 
Antimon which derives its name from Antimony - a lustrous gray metalloid and a chemical element, is a BMW 3-series car that transforms into a 15 feet robot in 30 seconds.It is the first in the part of the Letrons series and is considered the Leader. 
Getting into the features of this ‘carobot’ , it’s basically the world’s largest remote controlled car which however transforms into a robot and  can be moved by remote control at speeds up to 20 kilometres (12.4 miles) per hour. The robot can move its arms, fingers and head in its standing position only.
Turgat Alpagot, the Sales & Marketing Director for LETVISION  says he's already received bids for Antimon at this week's Big Boys Toys exhibition ( 23rd -26th November 2016)  which is held in Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital where Antimon is in display. Bids are starting at $600,000 and the highest bidder can take Antimon home at the end of the exhibition on Saturday. "We want to show our power all over the world and I think if we do something like this it'll get great exposure all over the world. We have received interests from theme parks and shows looking to rent Antimon “said Alpagot.
Though the car isn't licensed for the road and you can't drive it, LETVISION says that Antimon is the first in a series of 12 transformers, some of them named as BIZMUT,ARGON, W0LFRAM & TANTAL which  are currently in the research and development stage. LETVISION and the team behind the Letrons are seeking funding to help build a model which you can actually drive in the near future.


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