Start-up Coalition Portal launched by CII

Start-up Coalition Portal launched by CII

Posted by P. Charitha on December 15th 2016

Industry body CII has recently launched a new ‘Start-up Coalition Portal’, which aims to act as a platform to assist and connect different stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The platform will provide start-ups with opportunities to get discovered by investors, potential customers, prospective employees and partners as well as offering a platform to interact with industry leaders and get mentorship.
The platform will also help provide access to finance by connecting with individual angel investors and registered incubators and accelerators, along with opportunity to participate at policy roundtables.
The opportunity for Stratus in India is huge as there is no other economy of comparable size that is so underserviced in each and every sector – be it healthcare, agriculture, education, transport or any other.  Since the scale of under servicing is so large, the opportunity is even larger – with innovations and technology that can be uniquely leveraged in India.
With the internet user base increasing dramatically in India, the quality of entrepreneurs has also shown an upward trend and investing in start-up ecosystem has increased. Start ups in  India should focus on addressing India’s biggest problems and address not the first 50-100 million users, but the rest of India. India should have an open light touch regulatory environment and build on cross functional skills to convert each problem or an issue into an opportunity.
India is placed amongst the top three countries in the number of Start-ups in the world. It is of utmost importance at this juncture to provide the support system necessary to ensure a high degree of success. CII’s Startups Coalition is this platform to interconnect different stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and build a stronger nurturing environment for start-ups in India, according to Kiran Karnik, Chairman, CII National Mission on Digital India.
The Coalition is uniquely placed as a common platform as a means to encourage and promote not just the big cities, but the small towns of India, by connecting them to get online guidance, mentorship and the way forward for establishing their start-ups. Karnik added that upcoming start-ups need to create new business models to address the untapped opportunities which will solve the bigger problems of the larger population base of the Indian subcontinent.(CII)


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