You were born to make an Impact- Join the IMPACT FEST -2017

You were born to make an Impact- Join the IMPACT FEST -2017

Posted by Vivek Nama on January 18th 2017

Its’ official! This will be the first major event to kick start in the Youth Festivals Calendar for the year2017 ... IMPACT FEST 2017 is an annual techno-management fest to be conducted on
January 21st –22nd 2017,at the Jawahar Lal Nehru Technological University Campus in Hyderabad. 
Established by a group of BTech grads from JNTU, who started this as a non-profit organisation with an aim to foster innovation and also focus on bringing out a new and different culture for students and individuals. "Impact Fest is a Place where Technology Meets Innovation,talent meets opportunity and the theme of Impact Fest is Build and Innovate", says Nikeelu Gunda, IMPACT Head.
They plan to bring in the DAWN of a new age start-up culture where fresh graduates in any field whether its technology, social science or management can get together and share their ideas. IMPACT aims to be that platform where they can nurture their ideas, thought processes and through a collective effort help them build their dreams.
The first fest by IMPACT , it is conducted based on the theme “Celebrating the Spirit of Leaping Forward”- with a vision of bringing innovation and technology together.
The fest will be a techno-carnival of sorts where you will have:
-Power talks/stories by entrepreneurs & people, who have made a great impact on society through their innovative start-ups & actions/concepts. According to Tarun Kumar Davuluri, one of the founders of IMPACT- “These stories help students to have a deep insight on how success is brewed and how people with success, have built the said success”.
-Innovation-inducing workshops with hands-on experience and competitions of various tech genres.
-  Exhibitions where 100+ innovative products are being exhibited in various engineering and science categories and prizes are also in the offing for the best presentation.
-Apart from this, IMPACT has also taken up the mandate to protect the earth  under the “Adopt ME” campaign where one can lessen the impact of environmental damage through the 3 ‘Rs’ of  REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE. This is something that the team at IMPACT intend to continue in future as well with the support it gets during the fest.
All this and much more, IMPACT also has a host of events where you can unwind and enjoy musical programs, concerts and stand up comedy action by some well known artists like Threeory & Sriram Chandra etc.  
Expecting more than 20K + participants from different colleges across the country, IMPACT FEST 2017 is surely going to be the Event of the year. For more details about the Event, schedule and registrations check out: 
You can also check their Facebook page for more details.


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