10 honest lessons from a Start-up founder

10 honest lessons from a Start-up founder

Posted by Vivek Nama on February 23rd 2017

Razat Choudhary an Entrepreneur!! Marketing Professional!! Mobile VAS Expertise!! Food & Beverage Expertise. This is what the Linkedin summary of Razat Choudhary says. With over 9 years of experience in Multiple Domains like – Mobile VAS, Food & Beverages and Paint Industry and startup experience as the founder of Brand Freshler & Noodle Uncle - An Online Food Delivery Startup in Gurgaon.
Razat founded Freshler & Noodle Uncle - an online food delivery Company which served fresh food at your doorstep in June 2015 in Gurgaon. It was also nominated in the top 6 food delivery companies of Gurgaon by Big F Awards.It was a team of 12 people and they even achieved a breakeven in Jan-16 with average growth of 15% month on month with strong rating on different food platforms (Zomato – 4.1 / Foodpanda – 4.4).He has managed every vertical of the Business  including Marketing Strategy, Product Line, Operations, Vendor Mgmt., Cost Control, Tie-ups etc. along with a team of 12 people  and even achieved a breakevn in the month of January in 2016. 
Razat shares his 10 Lessons learnt in the past 18 months while founding and running his start-up. 
1. Understand importance of Co-founders, so get someone who can make positive contribution with their expertise. Never involve any part time co-founders. They will never understand what it takes to build a startup.
2. Define strategy and fit people not vice versa. Those who don’t fit ask them to leave immediately.
3. Startup growth happens when everyone comes out of their comfort zone.
4. Try and learn doing things on your own instead of depending on different consultants.
5. Startup takes time to grow so be patient but always follow timelines.
6. Learn to hear NO and say even bigger NO.
7. Money alone doesn’t build business. It’s just one pillar to sustain.
8. Revenue is everything so try creating model which can make revenue. This helps in sustaining and boosts confidence to stay in business for longer.
9. This journey is lonely and sometime very lonely. You will find so many well-wishers while starting-up and then only during wind-ups.
10. Never regret on your decision but do make corrections. Time you start regretting you can never start again.
The best lesson was of course coming out from thoughts of fear of job security, fear to be left behind peers and fear of failure.


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