10 lessons to be learnt from a Startup Culture

10 lessons to be learnt from a Startup Culture

Posted by P. Charitha on October 31st 2016

Start-ups‘ over the years have fostered many  concepts in entrepreneurship, innovation, the passion  to succeed , the zeal to sustain and even if you fail there are lessons  to be learnt to get you back on track.
Apart from these rudimentary learning’s we could also imbibe a few of these qualities to enhance our personal as well as our professional lives. So what is that a start culture can teach us?
1) It’s a known fact that start-ups foster innovation and disruptive ideas. It’s not just an idea, but something that provides a solution which is not found in normal situations. It may be an idea, an answer or a process to make something easy- novel innovations!
2) These ideas and solutions are found using very limited resources where you don’t have the cash to start off but you are trying to create something out of nothing .Simple! You don’t need a big R & D center, your brain is your resource along with your effort to bring out something new.
3) You learn to make things on a shoestring budget, a.k.a bootstrapping! So here’s where you learn to handle your finances with care and get the job done in limited finance resources.
4) Your idea has to be out-of-the box and that kind of qualitative thinking is a rare feature. The trend now is that companies recruit people who show this kind of ingenuity and the foundation for any start-up is innovation.
5) A healthy and professional attitude! Attitude matters when you want to start a new business, there is no space for people who don’t have confidence and belief in themselves or that their idea will work.
6) Being persistence and getting things to happen is one very important lesson for anyone who wants to be in this start up game. At the end of the day, perseverance is a quality that helps in your professional as well as your personal life. And perseverance has to become a habit when you start your own venture. 
7) Learn to rise after you fall! This is a continuation of perseverance where you don’t let small/ big failures affect your start-up. Your idea not working, running out of finances, the investor backing out, not getting the right partners/like-minded people, struggling to stay afloat are some of the basic issues a start-up faces. So , the earlier you learn to pick up from these issues and handle them with maturity and move up the better for you.
8) Handle success with grace and level headedness. Whether you get that huge angel investment or your first profit, do get excited, you deserve to be on a high, but don’t let that get into your head.
9) Stay grounded with the realities of life and business and you will stay happy. Foster a great & encouraging work culture among your co workers and be that inspiration for a future entrepreneur.
10) The last( may not be the last as there are constant new learning’s evolving as we grow )  and most important one is stay focused on the future and keep evolving, because  learning isn't cumulative but a never-ending process in the world of start-ups.


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