13 start-ups selected for 9th Microsoft Accelerator Program

13 start-ups selected for 9th Microsoft Accelerator Program

Posted by P. Charitha on September 21st 2016

13 start-ups selected for 9th Microsoft Accelerator Program
As part of the Microsoft Accelerator program which is a global initiative, empowering entrepreneurs around the world on their journey to build great companies, the Bengaluru-based Microsoft Accelerator has selected 13 start-ups for its 9th batch of the start-up accelerator programme.

It aims to work with later-stage startups from diverse areas including marketing, media, financial services & healthcare etc.& provide tools, resources, connections, knowledge and expertise they need to become more successful.

Bala Girisaballa, CEO of Microsoft Accelerator (India), said the diverse set of startups in the cohort includes:

  • Whodat: Whodat is an augmented reality company,
  • Uncanny Vision: It is a B2B startup that functions in the area of AI-based computer vision for IoT devices like surveillance cameras.
  • Talview: Talview offers video-mobile recruitment and assessment technologies.
  • Transaction Analysts: It is a fintech start-up that aims to bring affordable digital payment services to Indian citizens.
  • Surukam: It provides AI solutions (NLP and machine learning)
  • MoveInSync: It works in the areas of managing efficient, transparent and safe employee transportation.
  • Allizhealth: The platform enables its users to figure their health risks (non-communicable and lifestyle related diseases).
  • Betaout: Betaout is ecommerce-based B2C marketing software that lets users communicate with their customers.
  • Epictions: It is a data analytics company that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create content and digital PRs.
  • Faircent: It is a P2P loan platform which enables lenders and borrowers to connect with each other after registering on the platform.
  • FarEye: It is a SaaS-enabled mobility platform for business operations.
  • Germin8: It is a social media-based platform that collects and analyses conversations in real-time from public and private sources, whereby it converts them into industry-specific insights and analytics.
  • Meddiff Technologies: It is a tech-enabled healthcare platform that focuses on product development.

Few facts about the 13 start-ups:

  • The 13 were selected from over 2,100 applications.
  • Five of the nine funded startups have raised series A funding till date, the average funding being $1.8Mn.
  • Amongst the 13, four are bootstrapped startups.
  • This time the average age of selected startups is more than 4 years.
  • Many of them have already achieved more than $2Mn (INR 13 Cr) in revenues.
  • This batch has an average revenue of $725,000 (approx Rs 5 crore), and average funding of $1.8 million (approx Rs 12 crore).


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