3 Mantras for a successful entrepreneur

3 Mantras for a successful entrepreneur

Posted by P. Charitha on September 17th 2016

While building a company the entrepreneur goes through several iterations through the journey. It's important to be grounded and stay in the right direction for being successful.

For those budding start-ups we present 3 quick mantras to stay on path:

1. Stay in the right direction

Remove any uncertainty, especially when making important decisions. This is also important when you have to make decisions which are not in your areas of expertise. As you grow so will your team & it becomes difficult to handle decisions given by them, so you need to be clear, accept them and implement.


2. Accept Rejection with a pinch of salt

Don't take rejection personally. It is all a part of the entrepreneurial journey and learning process. Keep moving and don't let the negativity distract you. Rejection in the initial years will finally lead to acceptance later and there have been several success stories where the initial rejection and failure later led to acceptance. Abhay Deshpande's (Founder & CEO, MartJack) success story started with rejection and progressed to acceptance.

3. It's OK to be wrong

To never admit when you're wrong shows a strong sense of insecurity and what could be worse if you do not own it up. This could also set a wrong precedent among your team members and they might follow suit. You cannot grow if you can't accept your mistakes and there is no need for ego. It also shows your humane side.


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