5 Indian Start-ups who made it to Canada

5 Indian Start-ups who made it to Canada

Posted by P. Charitha on November 18th 2016

As part of the 4th edition of the Next Big Idea Contest 2016 held by the Government of Ontario, Canada and Zone Start-ups India, 6 Indian Tech start-ups have won the contest to be a part of the 2-week market incubation at Ryerson University’s DMZ incubator. Ryerson University’s DMZ is a business incubator for emerging tech start-ups and a top-ranked university incubator in North America and third in the world.Zone Startups India is a start-up accelerator headed by Ajay Ramasubramaniam and is a joint venture company between Toronto-based Ryerson Futures and BSE Institute, a subsidiary of BSE India. 
The winners will be part of an innovative ecosystem comprised of advisors, influencers, successful entrepreneurs and investors dedicated to helping winners take their company to the next level. The entrepreneurs will receive mentorship, business development advice, access to investors, industry connect and valuable international experience. 
The five winners are: 
1. Navaneethan Sundaramoorthy, Co-founder & CMO of Uncanny Vision, 
2. Mukund Mudras, Co-founder & CEO of Heckyl Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 
3. Dhruv Khanna, CEO of Data Resolve Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
4. Satish Kashyap, Co-founder & Director of Algo Engines Pvt. Ltd. 
5. Shridhar Marri, Co-Founder & CEO of Senseforth Technologies Pvt Ltd. 
The accompanying winner from Startup Zone Empower is Tarusha Mittal, Co-Founder, Cloudrino. 
This contest is a great opportunity for these Indian start-ups to experience the North American market first hand and develop valuable new connections especially where Ontario is a leader in innovation in the global stage. 


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