5 start-ups selected for Smart City/Smart Building NanoAccelerator program

5 start-ups selected for Smart City/Smart Building NanoAccelerator program

Posted by M.Venkatesh on November 14th 2017

Five start-up finalists working in video analytics have been selected to join the Smart City/Smart Building NanoAccelerator program cohort by T Hub and United Technologies.

The finalists include two start-ups from India, two start-ups from the US, and one start-up from Israel. These five companies have a strong technical and R&D team ,with a combined revenue of more than $4 million and have raised between $7 million and $8 million in funding. 
UTC  launched a lab at T-Hub in Hyderabad to foster innovation and to showcase its Building products and platforms so that start-ups get an opportunity to develop collaborative solutions with the company. UTC will fund these startups up to $50,000 to create a proof of concept for a product. UTC will look for solutions that can be applied across any of its business segments. The start-ups will also receive mentoring from the top executives and engineers at UTC. 
UTC Hyderabad Research & Design Center (HRDC), said, “UTC HRDC is engaged with T-Hub on various events and activities. One such event is the ‘Video Analytics Challenge,’ to identify strategic partners from start-ups in the space of video analytics and security.
The finalists are: 
IntelliVision: A Pune-based startup which is into Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning-based video analytics and video cloud software. 
Duran Inc.: provides SMEs and organizations with a secure, reliable and cost effective cloud-based video surveillance platform that provides deep intelligent analytics and insights.
Emza Visual Sense: An Israelstartup  that develops smart, trainable IoT visual sensors that can detect human presence, count people, and analyze their activity for security, safety and energy savings. 
Uncanny Vision :Bengaluru-based  startup which delivers AI-based surveillance solutions using Deep Learning-based vision algorithms that have been optimized to run on Edge servers to provide cost-effective and scalable security for next generation safe cities and smart industries.
Cognitifai: A video intelligence platform that uses surveillance feeds for hyperlocal intelligence discovery and autonomous urban monitoring. Source:The NewsMinute


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