7 Steps for a Perfect Pitch

7 Steps for a Perfect Pitch

Posted by P. Charitha on October 26th 2016

The start-up boom has brought in many new concepts & jargon for an upcoming entrepreneur to constantly update & learn. Getting straight to the field you will have to first explain your business idea , what it does, your revenue model and  of course the investment you need to run this show! So you first share your ideas with your family & friends & you get varied responses from an expression of “WOW , that’s an awesome idea” to your dad saying “ is this going to work ,who’s giving you the money?... get back to your job “!
The next step would be to find your “Angels of Investment “, VC’s, funding agencies & register yourself in  high visibility  start-up events where you get to show case your idea on a pitching stage/desk/ spot. Time frame can be from a 60 seconds pitch (also called the elevator pitch) & if you are lucky enoughand your idea is good you get an extended time to explain further. The perfect pitch can never be perfect that too if it is in a 60 seconds time frame. Nevertheless if you need to make your pitch understandable for someone who has never heard of your company before, you could try these few tips.
1. Introduce yourself, your background, your company name & what it does.You have used up 10 seconds to talk about yourself  & you are left with 50 seconds.
2. Be precise when you explain your business model, the ROI and its value proposition. You could trick your listener to ask a few Q& A’s later, which could open a door to an investor coming back to talk to you. 3. Simplify it like you are talking to a layman. No jargon or fancy phrases to be used please. Your pitch should give a glimpse of the solution proposed to the problem/need. Also put forth the metrics relating to the traction it might generate. 
4. Practice maketh a wo/man perfect, so have a practice session with your friends, record it & hey! The mirror is your best friend – talk to yourself and see how you present yourself! Get feedback and improve your overall presentation.
5. Speak with Confidence, make eye contact with the audience, don’t look into the distance and carry yourself with pride .High self-worth is a very important attribute for a successful entrepreneur. 
6. Apart from confidence enjoy what you’re saying and make the audience smile and have fun.
7. You need to know your business  details inside out, your revenue model, the pros & cons etc.& ensure you don’t have that ‘oops’ moment on stage. Complete Knowledge about what you are doing is essential when you get to talk the investors after the pitch so be prepared for any q&a’s later. 
You never know how those 60 seconds could transform your life and be prepared for the next session of how you speak to the investors. Expect the unexpected!


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