A Bengaluru Start-Up CEO loses forearm in a crocodile attack!

A Bengaluru Start-Up CEO loses forearm in a crocodile attack!

Posted by P. Charitha on June 27th 2017

According to a report published in NDTV , Mudit Dandwate, a 26-year-old IIT Bombay graduate, who is a CEO & Co founder of a  health startup called Dozee under Turtle Shell Technologies Private Limited, entered a restricted forest area near Bengaluru without permission,  while visiting a temple in Ramanagaram district. As he was walking there after getting out of his car along with a friend and his two dogs, the dogs dashed off into the water (the Thattekere Lake is in a forested area) with Mr Dandwate following. He didn’t see the sign boards alerting about the crocodiles and that’s when the crocodile attacked him and bit his left forearm below the elbow.He was quickly rushed to a local hospital and then to Hosmat hospital in the city. The young man managed to survive the crocodile attack but lost his left forearm. 
This happened on Sunday and now his condition is stabilised and he is out of the ICU and is in a ward. The Ramanagaram Superintendent of Police, B Ramesh, told NDTV, that while no complaint had been made against him by anyone, but they had registered a case of trespass under Section 24 of the Karnataka Forest Act, 1963, against Mudit, 
Mr Dandwate’s  DoZee which is based in Bengaluru produces simple non wearable health monitors. It works by recording the vibrations produced by the body during sleep and later these vibrations are classified into various features such as heart rate, breathing rate, sleep cycles, snoring, restless leg movement and this principle is known as Ballistocardiography. After that data is processed using machine learning for sleep stage classification.


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