A one stop solution - For Candles

A one stop solution - For Candles

Posted by Bharat on January 5th 2017

Designer Candles, a new term and potentially growing Industry in India. We at CbyS - Lucky Candles have established and have been done in-depth analysis of the industry by both primary and secondary data available.
Designer candles, an industry which does not have any specific brand (widely known) in India till date. Also an industry that can employee huge manpower and an opportunity to work from home for majority of the people looking to work at their convenience or work part time.
An opportunity to all the creative genius around to make a mark for themselves. 
With the expertise and considering the huge potential of the market, we would need help of investors to scale up business in terms of production ramp up and establish as a leading Designer Candles brand  in India.
Some of the areas where candle would play a major presence are:

Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, event management, interior decorators, retail market, custom gifts, Spa’s, fund raising, devotional use, Florists to name a few.  
Some of the occasions where candles play a very important role:
Valentine’s day, Christmas, Diwali, Easter, New year to name a few
What we have done till date:
Our major strength is providing solutions. Designer candles is a field where each customer choice is unique on how they want their event to be or theme and we need to understand, make a prototype, execute production activities and over and above most importantly two things one it should be under specific budget and the second a very tight timelines. And we are confident that we have mastered this area pretty well.
Designer candles manufacturing, some of the varieties of candles we have manufactured till date
Herbal candles
Mosquito repellent candles
Container candles
Aroma Candles
Texture Candles
LED Candles
Remote controlled candles
Gel Candles
Vegetable wax candles
Hollow candles
Taper Candles
Prayer Candles
Church candles
Ice Candles
Snow texture candles
Floating candles
Coconut candles
Chunk candles
Training Session on candle making
Sale of candle making material
Vegetable waxes like Soy, Palm, Bees wax
Safety apparatus 
Instruction booklets
Sales of candles and candle making materials on both online and offline channels
Established our own ecommerce website
Mostly our customers are returning customer
The best part is our candles are premium priced, which are on an average double the cost of the candles that are currently available in the market – but yes we have repeated customers and ofcourse happy customers .
Plan Ahead:
Increase the production to meet the customer seasonal demands.
Be a one stop solution for all the candle making materials.
Establishing both physical stores and be available on multiple ecommerce portals
Investing on R&D on aromatherapy candles
We would request an opportunity to help us present our business plan to our potential investors who are willing to be a part of our successful journey. 
Thank you for your valuable time reading through our post and please do visit our website at www.cbysindia.com


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