3 Must-have Apps for any Start up

3 Must-have Apps for any Start up

Posted by 2 on August 27th 2016

It's the era of start-ups and they say that all you need to start one (apart from registering your Company name, which you can do online as well) is a Smartphone, Tab and a desk at your home! Other than these basic accessories we scoured around to help make this small list of must-have apps which can help make your start -up function more efficiently.

Todoist Android / iOS / Windows Phone (Free + IAP)

Most of the mobile phones come with a To do or My Task app but this one has been around successfully for quite some time now. It comes with a simple,clear design and a host of useful features for helping you sort out your tasks. Apart from creating, managing lists, setting reminders sharing them with others , the app also comes with a 1) Project Management tool for better transparent, efficient project management when it comes to Team activity monitoring. 2) Project Comments to keep high-level information organized and easily accessible and 3)Smartly bundled notifications from co workers to give you the information you need at a glance, so you know exactly what's happening in your shared project.4) Project comments to keep high-level information organized and easily accessible

Todist Android

The key features are free, but Todoist also has a premium option costing on a yearly basis.

Zoho Invoice

An amazing web-based invoicing software which helps you create your invoices automatically, send payment reminders and also ensures that you get paid online, is an app/software that you should have. 1) It saves you time from creating an Invoice template as the features have a wide range of templates to choose from.2) It is multilingual and also sends invoices to your customers in their currency format. A feature for your future transactions! 3) Its prints, puts them in an envelope and sends your invoices by mail automatically.

Zoho Invoice

And it's free for up to 25 Customers for a single user.


Another flexible tool for project management, it allows for a great interface amongst large teams. It functions with a feature of boards, lists and cards. This allows for individuals or teams to track a project and collaborate or contribute where they can be most useful or where it is most needed. As part of this you can 1) Start a discussion with comments and attachments with members.2) Create task checklists and due dates in a calendar format view where everything is clear.3) Searching, filtering, and labeling the cards is fast and the labels help you categorize your cards so you can find and filter them later.


Trello works for iPhone, Android phones, Kindle Fire tablets and of course the web too.Its free to a certain extent of file attachments upto 10MB.


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