Amber Connect- a Jamaican start-up with an Indian connect

Amber Connect- a Jamaican start-up with an Indian connect

Posted by P. Charitha on February 6th 2017

Running a fleet of vehicles for a business is an expensive business especially when you take into account fuel, service, maintenance of the vehicles and also ensuring workers reach the destination on time. This makes Fleet management a critical operation anywhere in the world. To help business owners to keep track of delivery trucks, service vans, taxis, etc. a Jamaican start-up named Amber Connect have created a solution which is poised to disrupt the fleet management business.
This Jamaican startup interestingly has been founded by an Indian, Dushyant Savadia, who is also the CEO of the firm and his eclectic team of Asian, White & Caribbean  members. Fleet management solutions can be complex to set up and manage. Amber Connect strives to make a user-friendly, yet powerful product which simply requires setting up this sensor in each vehicle to be managed and customers should subscribe to the cloud-based Amber Connect platform which they can manage from an iOS or Android app.
The app opens to a cloud-based portal. From the portal, a customer can view their vehicles in real-time; get data on fuel consumption; remotely shut any vehicle down; manage associated expenses and there is also a consumer component to Amber Connect. The features offered to business fleet customers are available to consumers for their personal vehicles. Included are several anti-theft features such as Device Tamper and Anti-Theft Vibration Alerts.
Their product not only offers fleet tracking for businesses, but also an option for parents to monitor their teens’ driving whereabouts and for vehicle owners to keep track of their cars and motorcycles. Parents can receive notifications about kids’ bad driving behaviour including speeding, hard braking, and sudden acceleration. Amber Connect was also selected as one of the Best of CES finalists at the CES -a global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow held in January 2017 in the US. (
For those wondering how Dushyant founded this Caribbean start-up , the story goes like this: A well to do Indian boy gets kicked out of his home for alcoholism, finds work as a waiter in Delhi  and gets initiated in the Art of Living Foundation, cures his addiction, heals his life and reconciles with his parents, becomes a Director at the Foundation and as part of his journey in training people across the world goes to Jamaica,  finds his calling in the beautiful Island ,settles there and also starts Amber Connect. Dushyant Savadia continues to balance both his profession as the CEO of Amber Software Technologies and also his personal and main commitment of motivating & healing people!


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