An air freshener that smells like Elon Musk!

An air freshener that smells like Elon Musk!

Posted by P. Charitha on October 24th 2017

You heard it right! A company with the same name "Elon's Musk Co.” designed and created a fragrance inspired by the world’s favourite billionaire technology Mogul the Tesla Space X man- Elon Musk.
This was inspired by the Musk-based puns on the internet. The founders who are Melbourne-based brothers Ash and James Davies—said. “We genuinely put a lot of time into this and It’s the closest thing to Musk we could imagine.” 
They wanted this air freshener to dangle in every Tesla car and of course other cars as well. With the pouch designed like an uncanny illustration of Musk's smiling face and which smells "quite leathery, with low notes of rocket fuel" , as quoted in their website.
They are offering this Elon Musk-based air freshener for the very cheap price of $7.The original air freshener is made with the real scent of Musk. 
Though they have never actually smelt him or met him they imagine it's something like this air freshener," reads the company's FAQ page. "
The Elon's Musk is available in packs of three and can be shipped worldwide in ten days from November. “Make your car smell like the world’s hardest working billionaire”!


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