An app for the cannabis consumer - Tokr

An app for the cannabis consumer - Tokr

Posted by Vivek Nama on September 27th 2017

With the legal adult-use cannabis market soon to be active in 2018, a Silicon Beach start-up is seeking to "modernize" the weed industry. According to a report in Fueled, Los Angeles is is at the epicenter of a technology boom. With a more than $3 billion in funding in 2014 alone, it earned the nickname “Silicon Beach.” Entrepreneurs are flocking to the City of Angels, proving that the corporate parks of Silicon Valley aren't the only source of ingenuity. If anything, the culture in Los Angeles is more conducive to visionary app development.

So these quirky entrepreneurs Brian Campell and Matt Singer have created an app called Tökr which aims to simplify the shopping experience for the cannabis consumer, while providing valuable data and information to retailers. 
"With Tökr, we're creating a simplified and personalized shopping experience for the tech-savvy cannabis consumer," says Brian Campbell, co-founder and chief product officer. "We really believe that the cannabis industry has been underserved with tech, so we're bridging the gap between cannabis consumers and dispensaries to give them the products they want when they want them."
For the consumer, Tökr informs them about products, prices and where they can be found. It allows them to discover deals at nearby dispensaries, and Tökr uses the person's preference history to customize the app so they can find products and strains they'll be likely to enjoy the most.
As much as it is a service, the app is an analytic tool that industry players can use to better understand the cannabis space. 
The new face of the cannabis industry was pretty clear. They want to be the cool lifestyle brand on the block but jokes apart as to how the start-up has positioned itself to be,it is looking for the sophisticated cannabis consumer. Its all about simplifying tech and cannabis and with a new [adult-use] market, we need new solutions. And with the marriage of tech start-up culture and the cannabis industry, Pot culture may not be what it used to be as in the hippie days of the 70’s!  For the full story


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