Are you ready for a Blockchain Adventure Program?

Are you ready for a Blockchain Adventure Program?

Posted by Vivek Nama on February 9th 2017

The Bitcoin company, GBMiners, which started South Asia’s first Blockchain incubator called Satoshi Studios in New Delhi in December last year has come out with a 3- month program for entrepreneurs especially who are in the  field of block chain technologies . The incubator is named after Satoshi Nakamoto, the elusive inventor of the bitcoin protocol and is inviting applications from entrepreneurs working in South East Asia region.  As part of this center, GBMiners plan to make New Delhi as the blockchain knowledge hub of Southeast Asia.
Blockchain is a kind of distributed database that keeps a permanent and tamper-proof ledger of transaction data. It is commonly associated with bitcoin which is a digital currency that is not supported by any country’s government or central bank. Also known as crypto-currency, bitcoin can be traded for services or goods with sellers who accept bitcoins as payment. 
Program Details
The incubator will offer a three-month intensive residency programme for entrepreneurs in New Delhi from April – June 2017
The start-ups / entrepreneurs will also be able to interact with GBMiners team, other blockchain start-ups and top bitcoin industry experts
There will be intensive mentorship sessions by Blockchain veterans like  Roger Ver, Amit Bhardwaj, Michael Terpin to name few. Roger Ver  has single handedly funded the seed rounds for the entire first generation of Bitcoin businesses, Amit Bhardwaj is the torchbearer for Bitcoin Adoption in India and  Michael Terpin  has co-founded BitAngels, the first angel network for investments in bitcoin/digital currency companies and other Bitcoin Pioneers in India.
The incubator will give each start-up  $50,000 in funding for an 8-15 per cent equity in the company.
This program would be the first in the area of Blockchain technologies and the last date for application is February 28th 2017.
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