Autowala startup

Autowala startup

Posted by Vivek Nama on December 22nd 2016

Road king puncture works startup On my way today i was like wow !! I Found an auto customised to be an end to end mobile tyre service kiosk I never expected to see something like this 70km away from the Hyderabad city on an national highway and from an minority un educated but very smart guy I just stopped the car met a guy in the location and after an brief discussion i got to know many amazing things about his auto Musthafa an middle aged guy an very passionate auto wala made this startup possible his experience as an auto driver drived him to start something like this we generally struggle and get frustrated when our car gets punctured middle way away from town and we have no other option but to just wait for some help are doing it on our own this is exactly the problem he is solving with this mini mobile puncture shop equipped with every accessory to make tyres ready from bike to lorry he also made many juggaad tools for tinkering and dents also  so this is like hospital for tyres  on wheels mustafa made his auto so well and puts in different locations in a day he is also an maker of customised DCM VAN with which he solves the problem of unexpected engine related break downs on roads away from towns so this is an another marvel he has created his auto and dcm have power,water,air,emergency fuel,limited lubricants, tools and tackles,tyre accessories etc.. Now Mustafa is giving employment solving a problem i mean multiple problems using no technology yet spending not much but successful this is the startup spirit and mustafa is the road king his banner with name ROAD KING PUMPCHAR WORKS with his own pic lifting the big tyre is something called branding so this is what an autowala with an idea can do…!! This person is a real startup he is an exact example of an startup adding some technology of locating puncher kiosk through app can make some great addition to his startup this time i dent meet mustafa at the location but definitely i will meet him once for a selfie and i should surely discuss with him about adding technology to his wonderful idea ….!!


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