Balakalakaar 2017- Lets bring those smiles back

Balakalakaar 2017- Lets bring those smiles back

Posted by Vivek Nama on February 3rd 2017

Balakalakaar, an initiative under the aegis of AIESEC, (Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales –AIESEC in short ), is a large arts workshop that encompasses painting, singing, and dancing for underprivileged children. First stated in 2005 in the city of Hyderabad, Balakalakaar has completed 12 years and continues its journey in impacting the lives of children not just in the twin cities of Hyderabad & Secunderabad ,but the country as well.
The numbers impacted are countless and the aim is not only to nurture the artist in these beautiful children but also  focus  on their education. The Balakakaar- AIESEC   foundation also encourages and brings in interns from around the world for this purpose. This way, not only are the children taught basics of English and Maths but also exposed to a world beyond the small one that they know. Cultural exchange has been the core tenet of all AIESEC programmes & all the interns coming here are not just students, but each one of them is proficient in some kind of fine art which they share while interacting with the kids. It creates a long lasting impact on their mind & they can than take these new found skills & knowledge learnt and move forward in life.
The Balakalakaar event is conducted once a year and is basically a huge painting workshop where the kids show their talent in painting and colouring. As the years went by the format of the event was not just restricted to painting, but also other facets of art like colouring, clay work, paper art etc. It also included dance programs, mimicry shows, magic/stunt shows, juggling and any other cultural forms which the kids were good at were being presented. The most important aspect was that it helped the children unwind and let their imagination fly high.
Balakalakaar associates itself with various NGOs and foundation groups, schools, orphanages, colleges, universities across the country and conducts these events and workshops for the underprivileged child welfare.
Startup2day is proud to associate with Balakakaar this 2017 as part of its 12th year legacy &  be part of this great mission of child empowerment!


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