Beyonce Know les her start-ups

Beyonce Know les her start-ups

Posted by P. Charitha on October 6th 2016

The latest news from the international entertainment biz is that singers and celebrities are also getting into investing in start-ups related to their fields, like fashion merchandising and concert ticketing platforms.
Joining the list is singer Beyoncé, who has through her management company Parkwood Entertainment invested close to  $ 150,000 in Sidestep, a company which created an app used for buying  tickets & concert merchandise to avoid the crazy queues  during the shows. Sidestep was part of her world tour selling T-Shirts and other memorabilia and looking at the advantage and success of the app she invested in the seed round of funding.
Her other investments include WTRMLN WTR- a watermelon beverage company, Juicero- a juice making machine, a vegan food company called 22 Day Nutrition and is also a stakeholder in Tidal - a  music streaming service which gives her listeners first access to her songs.
How it works: The app lets you order tour merchandise before, during, or even after the show. 
You can avoid the booth line and all you have to do is show the QR code at the specific pickup point and pick your items in seconds or have them delivered to your home. 
Investing in tech start-ups which create apps to help selling concert tickets and celebrity merchandise is the latest and with Beyoncé investing in Sidestep could be the next wise thing, which will also be useful to other artists. (


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