Book a Stall...!

Book a Stall...!

Posted by maruti on November 6th 2016

IDEA :BookMyStall is India's first "Exhibition Stall Aggregation Platform"  in Event Management Industry.Enabling Event management Sector digitally to book stall space in Exhibition. we launched our prototype in 10 cities.The Beauty of our business model is  Aggregation, where Stall  buyers and event managers can get benefited most. In our current user base, 93% from Flea Market sector are women Entrepreneurs (Housewives,DWCRA Women). 
We captured the 51% of the flea market and small exhibitions across 10 cities now. Looking support to take this to the next level with a Mobile App.
primary customers,target market & growth trends Usually, small businesses execute complex organizational activities in much simpler ways. They find gaps in the market by using local customer
information and redesign processes to suit their markets. Above all,these businesses thrive because typically they don’t require a huge capital investment, have low overheads and are able to make a profit on much lower revenues. 
BookMyStall were Supporting those kinds of  small business and enabling them digitally to rent spaces to showcase their small businesses. In this process, Events and Exhibitions have become frequent temporary business spaces.

As per current user base we are supporting 3000+ small businesses, and 350 + Event Managers.
Small businesses will generate employment at the lowest level in the country by providing employment opportunities to people who might not possess the skill-set to be hired by a big corporation.  They will contribute to the local community, develop personal relationships with the local consumers and cater to their needs.
Our Idea Started Here : Two Years back (2014) when my sister came to Hyderabad with an idea to start her own saree design shop... it was really hard to find a shop and also working on Customers is an added work, which will burns so much money for advertisement only. In that situation, we tried to help her in business Establishment. In this process, she attended an event to showcase her own saree Designs, which happened in our Gated community. So many people from neighbor apartments also came to visit that Event and 80% of her designs got sold. And she got many pre-Orders. And Surprisingly there is no channel or website to find Flea markets or Stalls from Events. And so many women's like my sister, are looking to find Stall spaces in events. Then the idea came up.
BookMyStall.IN : If anyone wants to start a business or to try business ..they can find related industry Events listed in our web site. By purchasing stalls in those events will be their immediate opportunity to start or to try their new business. 
In one line : We are connecting small businesses, stall buyers to Events and Event Organizers Directly to avoid middle man.
Since Jan 2015 we started working on the problems faced by Event Managers in the industry of Event Management. We mainly focused on Stall booking process where  major revenues comes from for most of the Events. In this procedure, we found that FleaMarkets are Become Trend and Creating many opportunities.

Flea Market: These are the markets or sales platforms conducted by the local people weekly or monthly basis.For these kinds of activities Apartments and Gated communities are the nice places nowadays. 
Milestones:  We Launched first Stall selling website in India. Recently got awarded by Govt of Karnataka, and got incubation space to develop our Mobile App. Every Day minimum Four New Women Entrepreneurs are starting their businesses in new places, by using information from Bookmystall.  We are serving now in 10 cities with on and average 60 events per month. 3000+
Women Entrepreneurs and 600 Event Managers are successfully using our services. Launched Instant Pay option. So people can pay and book instantly in website itself.
In 2015 sep 29, we registered with the name BookMyStall.
Maruti Prasad ceo


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