Boston roads for testing self driving cars

Boston roads for testing self driving cars

Posted by Naveen on November 21st 2016

The city of Boston in association with Cambridge-based start-up  nuTonomy Inc. will soon have the self-driving car on the streets of the Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park in South Boston.  The Mayor and the Governor have issued executive orders to allow the cars to test run  in the specified areas but the approval from the state’s Department of Transportation is awaited . . The park will offer about 3 miles of roadways in a contained space open to the public and will require the car to navigate amid pedestrians, cars, bikes, and the MBTA’s Silver Line. The simulation will be similar to the road minus the traffic lights and huge traffic.
The program will require a licensed driver to sit in the driver’s seat to take control of the vehicle as needed. The car must also be clearly labelled as a testing vehicle. The testing area could expand to other public roadways depending on how things go in the park area,. NuTonomy, which is already testing self-driving cars overseas, may also add more vehicles to the program over time. The company, founded in 2013, develops the software needed to pilot cars, outfitting them with sensors and computers to collect data.
NuTonomy began testing its software on public roads in Singapore earlier this year and has also tested on a closed circuit in Michigan, but the Boston experiment will mark its first on public roads in the United States.
Another start-up -AImotive, based in Budapest, has set up offices in Mountain View in the Silicon Valley to test its self-driving technology and work with its partners there. AImotive specializes in artificial intelligence software that will enable a car to understand and respond to the environment around it, including other cars and pedestrians. Unlike many of its competitors, AImotive’s software relies mostly on data from cameras, rather than radar, lidar and 3-D maps. 
The other automakers who are also in the self-driving car technologies are Ford and Google and other lesser-known start-ups who are developing self-driving vehicles in the Bay Area. Google’s autonomous SUVs have been logging miles on the Peninsula, while General Motors and Uber are testing their cars on the streets of San Francisco.


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