CARMa Sutras to Start up Stand Up

CARMa Sutras to Start up Stand Up

Posted by P. Charitha on November 21st 2016

Start up Stand up,by Nalini Vaidyanathan which was released in October 2016,is all about how to stand up and sustain once you start your own business. The title which is similar to the title taken from Prime Ministers Modi’s speech in August 2015 is a compilation of her mentoring experience of more than 2000 entrepreneurs for over a decade covering 300 topics.
The author teaches entrepreneurship in several ivy-league business schools around the world including Princeton, LSE and NUS overseas and in India in IIM–A, IIM–B, IIM–L and ISB. In July 2010, she founded CARMa (Creating Access to Resources & Markets), with an ambition to mentor entrepreneurs in India. She had earlier written a book which ‘Entrepedia – a Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming an Entrepreneur in India’, which was widely appreciated and read by many a start-up entrepreneurs. ‘Start up Stand up’ though not an extension to the first book, will provide useful insights with practical examples to grow your business further. If you look at the contents which have been carefully curated, cover most of the topics relevant for growing your business in today’s world. The titles are called CARMa Sutras which include: 
I — Choose Your First Customer Carefully 
II —Create an Innovative Business Model 
III — How do you Acquire Customers? 
IV— Find Yourself a Mentor 
V —Why Entrepreneurs should do a Course in Organization Behaviour 
VI—How do you Create Addiction for your Products? 
Sutra VII — How do you Transition from Entrepreneur to a Business Leader? 
VIII — Building a High Performance Culture 
IX—What is Design Thinking and why do you Need it as an Entrepreneur? 
X — Who are the Investors? 
XI—What are the Types of Equity Investments? 
XII- What do the Investors Look for Before Investing? 
XIII— Choosing your Investor 
Sutra XIV—What is Crowdfunding and how does it Work? 
XV —When is the Right Time to be an Entrepreneur when you are a Woman? 
XVI — How do you Pitch to an Investor as a Woman Entrepreneur? 
XVII — Forming an Advisory Board 
XVIII —The Art of Negotiation 
XIX—The Science of Networking 
XX—Just do it 
START UP, STAND UP! makes it a must read for any start up/entrepreneur ,which can help you frame a blueprint of your start up journey for the coming 3 years .It comes with guidelines of what to do, what not to do, help you scale your business , create your brand  and  build an exclusive user community for your product !


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