Check out one stop resource for start-ups

Check out one stop resource for start-ups

Posted by P. Charitha on September 20th 2017

Google since 2011, has partnered with over 50 community organizations to help startup communities around the world flourish. Through these startups it has created more than 40,000 jobs and raised more than $3.9 billion in funding. Now it has introduced a  new resource to help young companies continue to make their big ideas a reality—Startup with Google. With “Startup with Google”, you'll find insights from startup founders and Google teams on hiring, improving team collaboration, and raising a round of funding. Startup with Google also features our network of Campus coworking spaces, Google Developers Launchpad programs, and partner communities, which provide opportunities for founders to connect with the local community, mentors, and investors who can help them succeed.
For example, the site primarily acts as a gateway for users to get to know or start using a number of the Google services and features that are either directly aimed at businesses, or ones which businesses could benefit from if used more. Such as Google Hire, Android Studio, Google Maps, Google Analytics, and of course, the wide range of tools on offer from Google’s G Suite in general. However, and regardless of how invested someone may be in Google’s general business-focused services, the site does seem to be a fairly substantial tip and advise bank for new and existing business owners. Resulting in Startup with Google being a good catch-all location for those looking for details on aspects that they might be less informed on, or needing further clarification and advice on.
Some examples of the type of topics that users can find information on include aspects like “Best practices to hire the right people,” “Best practices to lead a team,” and “Best practices to set goals and track them.” With the information coming from a number of the startup leaders associated with Google, as well as members of various teams at Google. This is in addition to offering users the opportunity to join various groups and communities run by Google, and housing like-minded and same-situation people.


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