Check out the top five funded start-ups in Japan

Check out the top five funded start-ups in Japan

Posted by Vivek Nama on October 17th 2017

Quoine: Japanese cryptocurrency exchange.

Quoine’s trading platform offers 0% fees for trades in many of the leading cryptocurrencies. The highly customizable interface and tracking options available on the site let veteran traders use more advanced strategies with ease. The platform also offers an open API for developers.
Funding: The startup raised over US$151 million in funding during an initial coin offering last week, reported The PR Times.
Nileworks: Startup that builds agricultural drones.
Nileworks’ drones are built for the purpose of flying over crops to monitor their growth and health. The drones are largely automatic and can be flown without an operator for long periods of time. The drones are also capable of spreading pesticides over crops with a high level of precision.
Funding: The startup received roughly US$7.1 million in investments last week.
Yappli: Platform for managing smartphone apps.
Yappli’s platform is meant for businesses or individuals who need to make a smartphone app, but don’t have the technical know-how to do it. The app makes it easy to design interfaces, combine functions, and manage data. Yappli also supports cross-platform use and lets app creators track the app’s usage after release.
Funding: The startup received an investment of over US$5.99 million last week, reports The PR Time.
Town Story: App for towns and lawmakers to bring IT solutions to the public sector.
The startup’s projects include a variety of public services for neighborhoods and towns. On one end, the startup has been developing hyper-local ad services that cater to people living in specific areas. On the other, Town Story helps city councils or public organizations create websites for public information, as well as notification systems for emergencies or public events.
Funding: The startup received an investment of over US$1 million in investments last week according to The Bridge.

Neurospace: A sleep-improvement program developed for corporate clients.
Unlike other sleep-improvement or diagnostic programs, Neurospace focuses on providing a platform for employers to keep track of the quality of their employees’ sleep. By using this info, companies can try to improve wellbeing and productivity. The startup integrates survey information, live workshops, and one-on-one sessions to track and improve sleep habits.
Funding: The startup raised an undisclosed amount speculated to be around US$1 million, reports The Bridge.


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