China's Guizhou province opens its doors for Indian start-ups

China's Guizhou province opens its doors for Indian start-ups

Posted by Naveen on April 19th 2017

China’s Guizhou province has opened its doors to Indian start-up firms and has offered 40 projects in the field of IoT, analytics and data mining ,which companies here can choose from. Firms that are interested can even pick two or three projects and work on them with a local partner in China. Gagan Sabharwal, Director, Global Trade Development, The National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom), who was in Chennai to invite start-ups from here, said: “Most of the projects are in IoT, analytics, data mining and business intelligence space. Once we receive interest from our Indian members; this list will then be shared with Chinese companies.”
Mr. Gagan led a delegation from the Guizhou province, located in Southwest China, including Zhao Shiyong, executive vice-general secretary, Guizhou Electronics and Information Institution, Zhang Hui, Guizhou Industrial Investment Council (GIIC) board director and group vice-president and Su Pei, chief of CIIC India working group to meet entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu, and explained to them the opportunities available in China.
Akshay Sasikumar, Regional Head, Nasscom 10,000 start-ups, said: “In June, start-ups from China are visiting our start-up warehouse in Chennai. We are taking a delegation to China from across India for the big data expo at the Guiyang. Of this, around 10 firms will be from Tamil Nadu.”
Guizhou is investing big time in Analytics and in making it big data hub of China. “We would want to target the automobile segment in and around Beijing and showcase our capabilities in those domains,” said Mr. Gagan. Source: The Hindu


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