Chris Gayle invests in B'lore based start-up FlippAR

Chris Gayle invests in B'lore based start-up FlippAR

Posted by P. Charitha on September 22nd 2017

Looks like the startup city Bangalore will be seeing the gentle “Universal Goonda” (Which Virendar Sehwag once jokingly called him) - Chris Gayle more often! The founder of FlippAR Vivek Jain revealed that the flamboyant West Indian cricketer has picked up a minority stake in a Bangalore-based augmented reality venture FlippAR in a report published in VCCircle. This apparently is in lieu of endorsing the brand. Earlier he made his first investment in a Bangalore-based virtual gaming firm IONA Entertainment.IONA has a 70,000 square-feet gaming venue at Virginia Mall in Bengaluru,  and also plans to open 36 such virtual reality-based entertainment centres in other metros and tier-1, tier-2 cities and has earmarked Rs. 200 crore for this purpose. 
FlippAR, based in Bangalore  is run by Movingup Products Pvt. Ltd,  and has a subscription-based revenue model. Using the FlippAR app, visitors preserve precious moments when they have visited popular buildings, tourist spots ,monuments and statues. One can also use FlippAR to tag one’s memories to real-world objects, whether it’s a t-shirt or a bottle of beer just by taking a picture and having it printed on them.This feature using Augmented Reality can applied in various areas like content promotion, increasing customer engagement , retail sales,advertising etc.
FlippAR  was started in January 2016 by Vivek Jain, a Computer Science  Post Graduate from Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli. As part of its multi-sectoral startup policy the Karnataka government in March 2017 selected eight start-ups for grants ranging between Rs 5 lakh and Rs 50 lakh and FlippAR was one them for which they got Rs 5 Lakh. The start-up is also accelerated by France-based accelerator programme called NUMA which has a centre in Bangeluru. 
When Chris Gayle made his debut investment in IONA he said that India is his top priority in terms of investment destinations and wanted to invest as many businesses as possible.


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