Cisco's start-up plans for India

Cisco's start-up plans for India

Posted by M.Venkatesh on July 3rd 2017

Cisco, the global IT and networking giant has so far  invested $1.4 billion including a manufacturing facility in India and  is planning further to invest in the emerging opportunities through the new digitisation programmes. Speaking to Economic Times at Cisco Live 2017 , the Chief Executive Chuck Robbins said  that Cisco, which had acquired Bengaluru-based IT security software solutions firm Pawaa in October 2015, was open to more buyouts and investments in start-ups in India. 

Cisco sees tremendous opportunities in India and India being a country where IT is in the forefront it makes more sense to invest in tech start-ups here.
Cisco has been committed to India for very long time and was among the early companies that had established its presence in India. India is also a very important remote site related to engineering talent, and development of products.
He said that Cisco has seen a start-up community beginning to emerge and that they  have invested $280 million in a fund, Cisco Investments.(Cisco invested $2.3billion in start-ups world over.) 
“We are going to actually embrace it and we are going to help encourage the start-up community because we think there is a plenty of opportunity for great innovation in the country . Whether it's Digital India, Make in India, Skills India, Start-up India, it's all around technology. We are incredibly excited when we have a leader who has a similar vision for what's possible as PM Modi does and it's probably the deepest engagement we have on a global basis right now, which is great " he said. 


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