Connect the Dots this 2017

Connect the Dots this 2017

Posted by P. Charitha on January 4th 2017

Connect the Dots is another successful book by author Rashmi Bansal who also wrote “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” & co-founder of Jam Magazine. The book  inspires us to do something new and is an interesting read even now . We decided to revisit the book this 2017  as an inspiration for our wannabe start-up founders. It’s a collection of stories about 20 entrepreneurs who despite not having an MBA or business degree went on to become successful entrepreneurs in their respective fields. An influential book that takes us on an expedition with small episodes which help realise that one doesn’t need an MBA or business degree to execute an idea that can change the world. If you have a concept, thoughts and a plan to back it up then no dream is too far to be turned into a reality. The stories are absolutely inspiring to read. Just connect the dots and the picture will appear right up in front of your eyes.
The book is divided into three segments Jugaad Junoon & Zubaan. In Jugaad, the author covers entrepreneurs who created business where they find alternative ways to do business which is completely against the way the Industry has been regularly doing it.
In the Junoon section it is about entrepreneurs who are absolutely crazy about a particular idea and go about making it work. It features the story of Reva electric cars and also about the Shakti Sudha industries of Bihar where you learn that you can survive & succeed even in the land of crime & lawlessness.
The last section Zubaan talks about the stories of creative people who just followed their dreams and become successful which include artists , photographers and designers.
Some of the key learning’s from this book include Positive thinking , working hard to reach your destination, importance of decision making and keeping your friends close and enemies closer. Failure might happen early but persistence pays and Passion is the driving force in doing what you love.It’s not necessary to do an MBA to become an entrepreneur; you should have faith in yourself. The starting period of any business could be hard.
So to end the article with Steve jobs famous words - “You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”- Steve Jobs


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