Diagnostics at Your Doorsteps!!

Diagnostics at Your Doorsteps!!

Posted by Vivek Nama on September 13th 2016

It is common knowledge that people fear to get sick and if they do, they delay to approach the doctor fearing the hassles of money, time and inconvenience involved. However, illnesses are a fact of modern life. We have to get diagnosed, tested and treated to recover our health. Most patients are unaware of the choices available to help them get better quickly.

This is where Labtalk comes in. A professionally managed organisation established to help people make right choices and experience the benefits of Affordability, Accessibility, Quality, and Service. Labtalk is an online service that provides doorstep service for sample collection and reports delivery, saving you valuable time and providing Speedy Results for your convenience.

Lab Talk empowers individuals to take charge of their own health, monitor their wellness and to assist in the prevention and early detection of disease. We wish to attain a leadership position with outstanding quality of services, qualified senior Phlebotomists , leading technology and assurance of affordability and convenience. You will receive a higher quality service that is convenient, comprehensive and affordable.

Labtalks main objective is to promote wellness, prevent diseases, and speed up early detection of disease. They work with most of the biggest Diagnostic Centers in India. Through online services they bridge the trust gap between patients and healthcare professionals.
Labtalks is dedicated to NABL Accredited Diagnostic Centres , assuring top quality, confidential results with added benefits of affordability, doorstep convenience and online access to the results within a short time after sample collection.

Labtalk is managed by a team of professionals who are well versed in the medical field. They include:

1. Rajashekar Reddy Ch: Founder and Managing Director
2. Shiva Chandra Prasad Gadde: Co Founder & Technology Head
3. Uthista: Co-Founder & CFO
4. Srikanth Reddy Ch: Co Founder & VP Operations
5. B.V.Ramakrishna: Director


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