DIPP's Startup India Hub to be replaced by Virtual Startup Hub

DIPP's Startup India Hub to be replaced by Virtual Startup Hub

Posted by Vivek Nama on March 17th 2017

As per the Modi Mandate of Start-up India, the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) created a digital platform Start-up India Hub website .Now the plan is to revamp the platform and make it more a user-friendly, networking platform which will be known as a Virtual Start-up Hub.
The new hub will be more interactive and plans to connect start-ups with investors, incubators and other service providers in the country and is expected to go live by the first week of April 2017.
Though the DIPP officials already have a list of mentors, incubators, investors, and other key participants in the startup ecosystem, they will also be inviting everyone in the Indian start-up ecosystem to register, starting March 17, 2017. After a certain number of profiles are archived, the portal will be integrated with the Start-up India website, and will replace the existing Start-up India Hub website.
The key features of the new platform will have:
*Start-ups will be able to ‘intelligently’ connect with investors based on the sector they operate in and the area they are based out of.
*Investors and incubators will get an easy approach to connect with start-ups working in their preferred sectors.
*Relevant government schemes and incentive programmes and other relevant resources for start-ups will be easily accessible.
*Learning development modules will be integrated such as a step-by-step guide on how to incorporate a company,  how to pitch to investors, templates for term sheets etc..
*The Hub will host start-ups, investors, funds, mentors, academia, incubators, accelerators, corporate, government bodies and more, with an aim to encourage collaboration among various stakeholders of the ecosystem to enable free flow of ideas, knowledge exchange and easier access to resources.
*An active forum will be provided where participants can hold discussion and get updates on upcoming events and conferences.
*Users will get the facility to log in with their Facebook or Twitter account and to use the same account for all government-run portals.
*An open API architecture will support integration of the portal with outside systems and websites such as investor networks, incubator application management systems, etc.
*Based on the feedback received from the users of the Hub, Invest India  who are developing the hub  will work towards further enhancing and expanding the scope of integration with its potential partners.(First reported in LiveMint)


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