Discover nightlife with Brisky

Discover nightlife with Brisky

Posted by P. Charitha on October 21st 2016

Brisky - “Your Personal Concierge to Discover Nearby Nightlife Events”... Now before you get any naughty ideas, hold those thoughts! It’s an app that gives info & helps you choose from the various events and happenings around pubs & nightclubs. TGIF nights are passé  & with throwback Thursdays & Ladies night on Wednesdays and so on,  you are spoilt for choice and you are not sure about which pub to go & when. Whether it’s for stags, couples, or only the ladies, you want to know the cover & entry charges of various pubs, or you want to choose a place where there is a live band playing or a karaoke ...or the boys want only the cricket/football matches to be screened etc., so you name it and Brisky has the info. But as of now for Pune & Hyderabadi party goers only.
As always there is a story behind what fuelled this platform to emerge especially about Nightlife events. Two NIT (Trichy) buddies- Jatin Bhatia and Rajesh Bhutada who were looking for a good place to hang out & catch up on a Saturday night, which had a live band & was pocket friendly, couldn’t find one & were disappointed because of lack of proper info either on the web or from known resources. They found none from the many options and from that stemmed the idea to create a platform where one could check out information about the events & options in pubs. They gave up their corporate jobs & started their company Bullpup Technologies Private Ltd. in November last year at Pune with their own funds and started the Brisky app .They first started in Pune, the city they lived in and by June 2016 also added Hyderabad as the destination. Currently with a user base of more than 7500 they have partnered with over 80 pubs in Pune & more than 30 premium pubs in Hyderabad.
For a new start-up they quickly gained recognition as the National Winners at Techpreneur 2015 Confluence at IIM Ahmedabad, part of the NASSCOM 10KStartup Program & were also the National Winners at the   Ventura B-Plan 2016 at NIT Trichy. They have also been showcased at the ISB Digital Summit 2016 as one among the 7 upcoming start-ups.
They were also a few hiccups in their journey which included getting their priorities right, staying focussed & building the company, when they had to abandon an event titled Brisky Fantasy League as it ran into copyright issues with the BCCI and also while building  their team with likeminded people who could relate to their passion. They got selected by the Spark10 Accelerator Cohort program which not only gave them funding but also the necessary mentorship required to push their business to a different dimension & sustain them in the long run. 
As part of their brand building activity Brisky also organised an event titled Battle of the Bands which was a hit in Pune and they conducted the event again in Hyderabad in association with Drunken Poet’s Cafe in June 2016. This was a huge success & not only gave them the mileage, but also provided a platform for new talent to launch their music careers. 
Brisky not only allows its users to discover, book and share nightlife events at the best Pubs and clubs of Pune and Hyderabad, it also has an option to book cabs to reach the pubs & and also back home and an option to invite friends to an event. By using their booking services you can also avail discounts and hassle free entry at the premium Pubs of the city.
Brisky is not just developed to help other businesses make money but to serve its customers through a personalised & integrated experience. They rely solely on customer reference, social media especially via Facebook & Instagram for visibility & exclusive partnerships with the pubs and collaborating with artists who perform in local pubs which allows Brisky to access the pub’s customer base.   They plan to first consolidate their position in Pune & Hyderabad before heading to other destinations and they are in talks with various angel investors and funding companies including Nypunya Labs, apart from Spark10. So how long can it be before Brisky goes into a hangover and by hangover we mean that they have run out of pubs to cover and turn to coffee for the cure, on the lighter side that is...


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