Emergence of Taiwan Start-up Stadium

Emergence of Taiwan Start-up Stadium

Posted by P. Charitha on October 21st 2016

The island nation of Taiwan, which is 180km east of China, is slowly emerging as a major player in the global start-up scenario. With   predominantly strong engineering & manufacturing sectors, the Internet boom & the way businesses are performing across the world, has changed the way the Government needs to look in this direction 
The need to groom new companies & entrepreneurs   looking to become major players in the start-up game, which positions Taiwan to go global brought in a change in the policy with regards to start-ups & entrepreneurship & saw the emergence of the Taiwan Start-up Stadium being established.
In order to accelerate the development of technology innovation and entrepreneurship, the National Development Council (NDC) of the Executive Yuan, Taiwan, initiated the “HeadStart Taiwan” Project in August 2014 which was to facilitate the development of an effective start-up ecosystem in Taiwan. Deregulation, global fund investment and start-up cluster build-up were the 3 major strategies of the national project. As part of these initiatives in 2015, the Taiwan Start-up Stadium team took over the project and is now dedicated to the implementation of building a vital hub connected with worldwide iconic start-up ecosystem for Taiwanese start-ups to tap into the global market.
The start-up cluster is focused on coaching Taiwanese start-ups about marketing, international fundraising, and has even launched a global accelerator to help start-ups. 
With a broad network of global partners it aims to connect start-ups with top accelerators, conferences, business partners, and tech companies to help with their global market expansion. They offer mentorship, boot camps, workshops & educational programs with top international experts & also promote them at tech conferences worldwide and give the right exposure through international media. 
The cluster also sponsors and takes Taiwan start-ups to international tech conferences around the world promoting Taiwan as a growing start-up hub and showcasing Taiwanese start-up talent. ( Source http://www.startupstadium.tw/)


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October 29th 2016

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