Entrepreneurship as a vocational course in CBSE curriculum

Entrepreneurship as a vocational course in CBSE curriculum

Posted by P. Charitha on September 13th 2017

The  Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)  had tied up with Gandhinagar-based Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), a national premier entrepreneurial training institute, to come up with an educational module and a teacher training programme in the entrepreneurship space for students as a vocational course.  A working group will be formed which will submit its report in the next 2-3months.
"We will provide hand-holding support to schools on curriculum, content, pedagogy of teaching and evaluation besides substantial focus on live business projects. The emphasis will be on institutionalisation of entrepreneurship education in CBSE schools," said Dr Sunil Shukla, director, EDII. CBSE provides 28 vocational courses and the entrepreneur vocational course is one of them, but out of the 19,000 CBSE schools, only 512 schools are able to provide the entrepreneurial course.
To emphasise on creating an entrepreneurial aptitude among secondary and higher secondary students in all CBSE schools the Board plans to include this as an elective for the secondary – Class 10 and higher secondary -Class 11 and 12 , where apart from the regular five subjects they have to chose an extra subject as an elective.
Check out the 17 year old Gurgaon school boy's start-up Tyrelessly  which made it to the UNSDSN-http://startup2day.in/story-fullview/17-year-old--gurgaon-school-boys-start-up--tyrelessly-makes-it-to-the-unsdsn
The purpose is to rejuvenate the entrepreneurship course at CBSE by inculcating innovational temperament, entrepreneurial values and inspire students to explore opportunities in the entrepreneurship and technology domain to create start-ups. EDII will also provide teacher training programmes, an instructor handbook, resource materials and cases on young entrepreneurs.(Source Times of India Report) Also read http://startup2day.in/story-fullview/under-18-entrepreneurs

Objectives of the Entrepreneurship course :
Acquiring Entrepreneurial spirit and resourcefulness
Familiarization with various uses of human resource for earning dignified means of living
Understanding the concept and process of entrepreneurship - its contribution in and role in the growth and development of individual and the nation
Acquiring entrepreneurial quality, competency and motivation
Learning the process and skills of creation and management of entrepreneurial venture
Check out the Class 12 syllabus http://cbseportal.com/sites/default/files/cbse-2017-18-syllabus-class-12-entrepreneurship.pdf


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