Even Cargo has Delivery girls on board

Even Cargo has Delivery girls on board

Posted by P. Charitha on December 6th 2016

So we have heard of women driving autos & cabs for a living! A few bus drivers and train engine operators spread across the country.  But the numbers are few, which you can count on your fingers. Something which is yet to take off on a large scale in India is the participation of women workforce in labour market which is restricted to carrying loads in the infrastructure or market yards. But Even Cargo, a Delhi based social enterprise start-up which is into delivery services has sought to bridge that gap.
According to their website they are a social enterprise that employees women from marginalized communities and provide them with job opportunity as women delivery personnel .They aim to be a logistic service provider solely by a team of female delivery personnel with the aim to attain gender equality by sending them  into a profession that is predominantly male dominated.True, as we see only women making pizzas but we are yet to see them deliver them to our door steps.  
Even Cargo was started by an electrical engineer-turned-social entrepreneur -Yogesh Kumar  who after quitting his job at a German multinational company, studied Social Entrepreneurship at Mumbai’s Tata Institute of Social Sciences. He established an all female cab services which failed ,after which he switched to doing logistics  business, using  scooters and employing ladies in this profession. With the prize money  he won at the Singapore International Foundation’s 2015 Young Social Entrepreneurs competition, he used it as  seed funding to establish Even Cargo.The women working with Even Cargo are well equipped in riding two wheelers and their devices are installed with GPS and they have been trained on using Google maps to deliver products within the time limit.
They have also been given a soft skill training to do a rapport building with the client and are trained on self-defence by Delhi Police so that they stay safe. As of now they only do daytime delivery and works with companies that deal in women’s apparel and accessories.  Yogesh wants to build confidence among the women and reassure their conservative families that this can also be a profession and where they can earn money and sustain themselves
Even Cargo also plans to help start ups and partner with them  from the pilot testing phase to a fully fledged operational venture.


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