F45 Training story

F45 Training story

Posted by Vivek Nama on October 24th 2016

Want a set of abs to rival Wolverine? The new circuit training trend F45 is your ticket.

F45, short for Functional 45, is a program based on high-intensity 45-minute group classes. Classes are either cardio-based or strength-based and because it is timed, everyone can work out at their own pace.


F45 sets the benchmark in fitness and functional training with 16 unique workout systems, each carefully designed with the World’s leading fitness professionals to carve out your ultimate body and performance.

Trailed and tested at F45 headquarters in Sydney, each of these super series workouts is finely tuned to achieve maximum results in the shortest time possible, and with the most fun and variety. Planning your class schedule is quick and easy with the F45 Training App allowing real-time bookings, personal tracking, and other great features to keep you ahead of the game.

With over 1200 carefully crafted exercises, workouts changing daily, multi-screen guidance, optional heart rate monitoring technology and timing screens to keep you honest and in check, customised DJ mixes and a world of high fives to motivate and inspire you – an F45 workout is always evolving, always fresh and always challenging. 

South Indian start Rakul Preet Singh who is known to be fitness freak herself owns the franchise of F45 Training  Hyderabad



Source : f45training.com


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