Facebook's Parent Portal for child safety

Facebook's Parent Portal for child safety

Posted by P. Charitha on December 16th 2016

With many of its users being children and teenagers, the Social Networking giant Facebook recently launched a Parent’s Portal in collaboration with parents, teenagers and safety experts around the world.The Dark web or world has resulted in many issues including child trafficking, abuse, pornography and various other crimes. The need for some parents  to be educated about how the Social media works  is very important as there are some who are still not completely aware of how it works and how their children are using it. Facebook also updated its Safety Centre and Bullying Prevention Hub and has now introduced Parent's Portal, which provides parent specific advice as part of the Safety Centre.
Parent's Portal  includes :
-guides for parents about how Facebook works 
-tips for talking with kids about staying safe online 
-resources from experts around the world. 
-is available in over 55 languages, including 11 in India, 
-is mobile friendly and includes step-by-step videos.
This was created after a feedback about the knowledge gap among parents about the safety policies, tools, and resources and Facebook has worked with safety experts and local partners to develop content that resonates with the Indian community. "Facebook's Parent's Portal is a great resource for parents who are looking to learn and work with their children to help keep them safe online. We're pleased to partner with Facebook on these resources and offer help to parents in India through our Social Surfing initiative," added Dr Ranjana Kumari from Center for Social Research India.


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