Forcing to innovate will lead to an other pig not the unicorn

Forcing to innovate will lead to an other pig not the unicorn

Posted by Vivek Nama on February 2nd 2017

The latest theories of hubs and labs in every educational institute are very useful for the promotion of the particular institute to attract admissions etc etc but the real gems are so rare and diamonds are so strong you don't need magnets everywhere to attract them they work hard they themselves go on search to learn what and how to do and why to do weather to do are not forcing the students to innovate are think doest bring the real unicorns out  thats an in built thought thats process but not lesson yet off course the process its self is a lesson after its creation 
Creation is a creation its about inventing something its about building something its about bringing some thing out which we can never dream of bringing out its actually winning something this may take years this may also take just some hours but the ultimate winner is a warrior but not a worker the real startups are not made they evolve, Supporting startups is not a business and funding startups is not an investment its making a dream possible believing in a dream if its business then its not a startup startup after success can be called a business the phase of evolving thinking the very first problem solving the very first customer the very first investment the very first product is not a business 
Respecting a startup matters but earning from startups on the name of programs ventures training couching incubation acceleration is not good and in-fact the same business are not sustainable finding/catching out  bakaras always is not scalable ;)  and gambling is not safe 
startups must be safe many magnets attract many thoughts divert many emotions fallow many ups and downs many risks  ultimate step one is completing the product the cinema may be a flop but you are successful in making it done the rest is in the hands of market but the gambling must be safe and responsible not every venture is a gambling off course some ventures need huge money when it comes to money you are just a director let the producer who is ready to face the odd take the gambling part but as an innovator you are an ultimate winner are loser …!!!


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