From boots to business, meet the Vet'repreneurs

From boots to business, meet the Vet'repreneurs

Posted by Naveen on November 12th 2016

We know entrepreneurs, tech’preneurs, intra’preneurs & wom’entrepreneurs but we now present the Vet’reprenuers! Before you think it’s something to do with veterinary doctors, no, these are the veterans who are getting into start-ups.
In India many veterans who retire from service join the security services and the senior ranked officials either join as Administration or HR officers in PSUs & continue their journey. Considering their extensive training & discipline they certainly make valuable employees and are much sought after in many organisations. 
Organisations like Military to Corporate help veterans from the military and para-military forces connect with corporates in getting second career opportunities post retirement from active service. But not many of them actually get into starting their own business.
Uber the Taxi riding Service Company started UberFAUJI in June 2016 which is based on a similar successful program run in the US, called UberMILITARY. This was exclusively for ex-servicemen, under which it enrolled them as drivers and entrepreneurs and has been highly successful in placing more than 10,000 serviceman and the numbers keep growing.
A new program in Hillsborough County in Tampa bay, United States has come up with a new program called Operation Start-up for veterans where they get to connect with other veterans and start their own business.
The program founder and HCC professor Andy Gold talks about how it’s important to support these veterans who have sacrificed their lives and as a support to get them into doing their own business is very important.The program offers space to work and collaborate, as well as mentoring and educational workshops completely free to those who've served in the army and also to their spouses.
One among the few successful entrepreneurs who have come out from the services is Capt G R Gopinath  who upon retirement from the armed forces, established a sericulture farm and  for his sustainable innovative methods won the Rolex Laureate Award in 1996.
He went to take up  a bike (Enfield) dealership and also opened a hotel in Hasan. In 1997 he co-founded Deccan Aviation, a charter helicopter service. In 2003 he founded Air Deccan, the first low cost airline which later merged with Kingfisher Airlines in 2007 (Source Wikipedia).
Though he wound up later it shows that veterans can actually be successful entrepreneurs.


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