Gen Y advice to the Gen Z Centennials

Gen Y advice to the Gen Z Centennials

Posted by Vivek Nama on February 13th 2017

According to a Deloitte Millennial Survey 2017 where 8,000 millennials from 30 countries were asked about how they think ‘GenZ’ will impact the workplace, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Millennials in India are most welcoming of GenZ as 91 per cent believe that GenZ or those aged 18 or younger, will have a positive impact on the workplace. 
But they also believe these younger employees will need a lot of support & mentoring when they enter the workforce and the millennials are also open to offering support. Furthermore, millennials don’t think GenZ’s primary strengths align well with the
 skills or attributes considered most valuable in driving long-term business success. 
Upon being asked as to what guidance they would give the next generation based on their own early career experiences, they shared many useful tips:
• Learn as much as possible: Begin your career open-mindedly and be ready to learn from others.
• Work hard: Do your best and do not be lazy.
• Be patient: Take your time when entering the workforce and go step-by-step.
• Be dedicated: Be committed to succeeding and persevering.
• Be flexible: Be open and adaptable to change and try new things.
• Develop skills like professionalism & personal traits, such as patience, maturity and integrity rather than technical or specific knowledge.
• Attributes, such as communication, flexibility, leadership and the ability to think creatively  and generate new ideas (out of the box)are more important than IT and social media skills.


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