Getmi across the City in a click

Getmi across the City in a click

Posted by P. Charitha on October 21st 2016

An idea was born out of the need to commute quickly without having to rely either on public transport, or travel in a crowded MMTS trains jostled by public or pay double the price to the auto wallas( who know you’re desperate to get to work).That was Getmi ! Budding entrepreneurs Shravya Reddy and Yashwanth M. of Ideabiz Tech India Pvt. Ltd. launched Getmi, a bike–taxi to make commuting within the city of Hyderabad easy & fast! 

The idea was to introduce a bike-taxi service to help office goers commute safely, easily and which was affordable. Launched in October 2015, the team has a pipeline of more than 120+ riders out of which 31 are female riders. They have also acquired the necessary permissions required to run a bike taxi service and were officially launched in September 2016 after a pilot run for a couple of months.As of now they are  operational around the Hitech City areas & Secunderabad and based on the requirements will expand throughout the city. 
The other USP of their service is their fleet of female riders. An advantage the office/college going lady commuters can make use of and Getmi is trying to build on this trust and reliability and at the same time provide opportunities to women & make them self sufficient. They have also passed the 3-tier verification tests after which they need to get the ‘My cab is safe card’. 
Download the Getmi application on Playstore or you can even book a ride by sharing your location on Whatsapp to this number 9133483777 or by giving a missed call on the same number too. If you see a bike rider with an Orange helmet and wearing an orange jerkin with Getmi on it, you could just flag him/her down and get a ride back home. It’s that easy.


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