Posted by Sumera Khan on November 11th 2016

Now that your company has taken off, your capital invested, your   venture all set to hit the market, now your next big need is talent! Talent, hard work, commitment, dedication. Or to sum up “The human capital”! In the trauma of employee shortage, is the pile of resumes really the best answer?
Are too many calls insisting you to lower your standards? Or the applicant's flood prompted you to pick on anyone instead of “the one “?
To face  a sad reality , there exist a vast number of HR organizations, who either recruiting for themselves or in their process  of outsourcing the work  for other selection committees, follow the Resume Blizzard method rather than talent driven method. Choosing on the first come first serve basis is not hiring, but choosing the best one is!
 If you too are slipping on your standards and inviting flocks to crowd your enterprise, you need to go through the pros that we bring to you, of the qualitative aspects! Hiring in large numbers often turns out to be exploiting for the enterprise. Why select all when you can rule out.
As a recruiter, your job is not to please everybody that applies for your enterprise, but focusing on quality and ensuring the creamy layer for enterprise amongst the pool! Too many people unnecessarily add to the cost of the firm.
Their salary, their perks, compensations will yield nothing except for hiked Ac, Mc and Tc. You don’t want to kill your newly born enterprise with crowd. Do you?
Pay attention to these words of wisdom for they are not just going to help you select the best, but also assure profitability to your organization.
1.Have a clear job profile
Starting well in advance, what all attributes, responsibilities, competencies, qualifications you’re looking in an employee so that only the best fits come forward to apply for the vacancy. Be very honest about the role from the very start, because this is the foremost step that keeps flocks at bay.
2. Use your current employee network
It's probably the healthiest way to arrive at the best employees. No not about saving a few bucks but about built in trust, tested background. Use your employee referral system, they are sure to fill up your vacancy with the talent that is assured of quality, whose background is pretested and your headache too relieved in dealing with incompetent employees.
3.Making the interview two-way 
Another cheat sheet to find the best fit is by making the interview process transparent & two way! Which thus provides a deep insight into the candidates as to what he actually expects from the enterprise. That way you can sneak into his interest if he is really committed or just applied to earn a few bucks as a backup plan.
4.    Recruit at least ten prospective employees before hiring the best. 
5.    Because this is the only possible way to arrive at the best. You can walk through a couple of competencies, pool of talent and choose what best fits your organization. Dig deep into the masses and dig for yourself the gem of the organization – the perfect candidate.
Because at last, it’s the competent employees that make your business plan a success, it's entirely for their efforts and dedication that scale up the production charts. They with their expertise and strategic planning exploit every opportunity to make it work and thereby reduces your headaches of training and teaching.
 So to sum up, a word of advice to all those relying heavily on resumes, you need to narrow down your selection process. To arrive at the best, you needed to reach out to masses, create a pool, look for the best fit, his adaptability, his future, his tenure and everything, and then select!
This article has been contributed by Sumera Khan who works as a content writer at Legalraasta, a site for private-limited-company-registration and  trademark registration in India.


Aravind Gundeti
November 15th 2016

Great productive article. Thank you!

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